Trauma Therapy Sessions in Airdrie

Allay Psychology offers client-centered therapy services. I follow non-judgmental and evidence-based approaches to support individuals in reaching their full potential. I provide sessions with clients individually as well as group sessions for grief therapy.

What I Offer

At Allay Psychology, get the benefit of my psychologist services. I am a Grief Recovery Specialist®, Master A.R.T., and Dialectical Behavioral Therapist that works with individuals & groups to help them heal from loss and grief, addiction, anxiety, trauma, disorder, depression, anger issues, and forgiveness.

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Therapy & Sessions

Our bodies and minds are built to heal themselves, but sometimes our experiences, perceptions, and habits can get in our way of a fuller, richer life. At Allay Psychology, I am committed to making my clients’ lives easy and guiding them through their process of recovery with my therapy sessions.


I am certified in Accelerate Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.), which is an evidence-based psychotherapy that lends from existing empirically validated techniques. A.R.T. has shown to achieve benefits more rapidly (1-5 sessions) with the potential for results in as little as one session.  A.R.T. works by reprogramming the way in which an individual stores their traumatic and/or distressing memories and images thereby reducing the emotional and physical reactions and symptoms that can be triggering for individuals.   

A.R.T. can achieve rapid results due to its specific and directive approach.  A.R.T. has been successful with depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, substance abuse, sexual abuse and other mental and physical conditions. 

I am a Grief Recovery Specialist for the The Grief Recovery Method (GRM), which is an evidence-based approach that helps grievers heal the emotional pain caused by loss. There are over 40 types losses recognized by this program and by completing the GRM steps, the griever can address all the things that they wish was better, more or different. It also gives the a griever the chance to reconcile the loss of dreams, hopes and expectations that are associated with their loss.

I am pleased to offer the Grief Recovery Method as well as Helping Children Deal with Loss in a one-on-one setting or in a psycho-educational group format.