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Helping People Regain Themselves Through Emotional Recovery

Allay Psychology

About Allay Psychology

I am a Psychologist, a Grief Recovery Specialist®, a Master A.R.T. Therapist, and certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I have been proudly serving the people of Calgary and Airdrie, Canada, with my therapy sessions since 2017.

Our body and minds are built to heal themselves. However, sometimes our experiences, perceptions and habits can get in our way of a fuller, richer life.  I have encountered times of turmoil, confusion and pain and know the impact that these, and other emotions and experiences have had on my life and relationships.  Through my ongoing journey,  I have found evidence based approaches that were of such great benefit, that I became certified in them so that I could help others. What I have undergone and witnessed, is that you can feel whole again and I would be pleased to assist you in regaining yourself.

I provide a client centred, non-judgemental approach when supporting individuals in their emotional recovery and reaching their full potential.  I utilize an integrative approach so that I may offer clients effective and efficient service. I acknowledge that vulnerability is a big factor in therapy and therefore meet people where they are at with respect and empathy. It would be my pleasure to support you through your journey.

Allay Psychology

Healing Minds
& Helping Progress

At Allay Psychology, I offer treatment for people with diverse backgrounds who struggle with loss and grief, addiction, disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, and forgiveness.

I have experienced confusion and turmoil in life, and I use my experience to comprehend the feelings and distress of my clients, and I am dedicated to helping them recover.

Individual Therapy
& Group Psychoeducation

I am a Grief Recovery Specialist™ that can work with clients one-on-one as well as larger group psychoeducation.

I also can provide training for parents, caregivers and teachers of children dealing with grief and loss.

I am certified in Accelerate Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.), and has been successful with depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, substance abuse, sexual abuse and other mental and physical conditions.